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RGA Landscaping & Lawn Care provides Landscape Management services to property owners and managers throughout the DMV area.


Our first step in every new relationship is to collaborate with the client and design a tailor-made landscape maintenance plan that meets the specific needs of the properties. This plan is established at the start of the contract and sets the stage for lasting success. The plan is clearly conveyed to the project team, which is headed by field managers who have the skills and resources to carry out and supervise any landscape maintenance service required on the site. Besides ensuring the quality of the landscape maintenance for each project, these field managers also handle customer relations and satisfaction, as well as the training, safety, and morale of their team.

  • Grounds management
    Mowing Mulching Edging Pruning Leaf removal Parks and playgrounds Dog parks
  • Turf & Arbor Care
    Sod installation Turf treatments Aerating Tree pruning
  • Integrated pest management
    Monitoring Identifying Weighing treatment options
  • Holiday lighting & décor
    Evergreen trees and lighting Poinsettias Wreaths, bows, banners, and garlands Pole-mounted decor Hay bales and pumpkins

Many properties have existing landscapes that have been reliable over the years but could benefit from some improvement. Landscape enhancements can be done without a landscape architect and can be affordable and fast by working with an experienced commercial landscape management contractor like RGA. By enhancing your site’s overall look, you will boost your tenant, employee or client satisfaction and help your property stay ahead in a dynamic real estate market.

If a property needs a more comprehensive makeover, we can collaborate to develop a long-term, multi-year plan that tackles challenges, ensures consistency, and fits within a long-range capital budget. This staged approach guarantees that expenses are spread over several years instead of all at once.


•    Seasonal flowers, planters, pots & hanging baskets
•    Patios & walkways
•    Entry enhancements
•    Hardscape & carpentry
•    Retaining & garden walls
•    Decorative fountains & sculptures
•    Benches & amenities
•    Drainage correction
•    Relocation of plant material
•    Cutback or removal of overgrown plant material
•    Holiday decorations
•    Playground installation and repair
•    Artificial turf & dog parks
•    Landscape lighting

Meet our team of designers and skilled horticulturalists and let’s design a plan together. Whether you want to fix existing issues, make more striking features, or do a full site overhaul, our staff will provide solutions that match both your vision and your budget.


You know that even a little bit of snow or ice can cause slip and fall accidents and endanger the safety of your clients, employees or tenants. We understand how crucial it is to have a reliable snow and ice management contractor when the weather turns bad. A personalized response plan designed for your property gives you confidence when the storm hits, cutting down downtime and lowering costs.


•    Extensive site planning & risk assessment
•    Flexible contract options
•    Anti-icing and de-icing with liquid brine or rock salt
•    Snow plowing & hauling
•    Sidewalk clearing (hand shoveling & mechanical removal)
•    Proactive communication before, during & after weather events
•    Certified snowfall totals

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